Rifle Specifications

 Titanium air tube offered in 3 lengths. 180cc 10.75", 250cc 13.75", and full 340cc 17.75".

Approximate shot counts at 12fpe.
10.75" 180cc tube 175
13.75" 250cc tube 250
17.75" 340cc tube 350

Approximate shot counts at 20fpe
10.75" 180cc tube 80
13.75" 250cc tube 110
17.75" 340cc tube 150

Barrel lengths offered are in proportion to the airtube. 15", 18", and 22".

The 15" barreled FT carbine can easily be converted to a aafta legal FT pistol for limited or hunter use. Simply remove the 4 Allen head bolts that hold the tail section.

The new competition trigger boasts all ball bearing construction using hardened and ground tool steel internals. Adjustable for 1st stage length, 1st and 2nd stage weight, and can also be run as a single stage. Trigger weights are 2.5-6oz. The fully adjustable trigger shoe can move left, right, up, down, and swivel. The shoe can be positioned fore and aft on the 4mm rail to accommodate every shooter.

The FT rifle is sporting a new grip and cheek laminate. The grip is a fully anatomical grip that offers a superb feel with generous contact. The new cheek rest is a time proven profile that allows comfort and support for every individual. The hardware allows up, down,left, right, and rotation adjustment around the long axis. Those with custom cheek pieces used on Steyr rifles will be able to fit them to the Thomas hardware.

Color choices are many. Red, orange, blue, green, purple, black, gold, and silver.

New this year is a barrel shroud system that does not disrupt accuracy or poi. The new shroud positively threads on to the barrel block providing a very rigid attachment that can be removed or installed in seconds. The titanium shroud has an internal stripper that is easily unscrewed to facilitate easy barrel cleaning. Noise level has been drastically reduced...all while preserving the accuracy that you have come to expect from a Thomas.

Picatinny rails have 20 MOA of drop built in to them.

The cocking system is a leveraged design that uses ball bearings in the pivot. Cocking effort is very low and completely reliable.

The FT version has a full length Anschutz rail in the forend for accessory mounting.

The tail wishbone and pivoting adjuster provide almost infinite offset and length of pull adjustments for every preference.

All Thomas rifle are capable of quickly and precisely adjusting power levels via the jet system. This feature provides outstanding versatility and value to the competitive shooter. One rifle can perform at the top level of competition in every power class. Changing power class is less than a 30 second process. If it's your desire to utilize separate barrels for each class to simplify maintenance...the Thomas has you covered there, too.
Barrel changes are accomplished in about a minute with one Allen wrench. The split barrel block with 3 1/2 inches of concentric, uniform contact does not distort the barrel internally like all of the set screw type mounts used by the rest of the makers. This system also has the added benefit of easily allowing barrel indexing without the need for a "thimble".